Private catering


Whatever the circumstances, Eventfool Catering is here to make your Catering and menu selection extra special.

Get in touch today and see what we can do to make your event wonderful, successful, and ultimately less stressful for you. 
We offer competitive rates and work with passion and professionalism, guaranteeing an unforgettable event party.
Whatever the event you wish to celebrate, whether it's a birthday, a baptism, a private dinner with friends, or even just a romantic tête à tête, you can rely on our decades of experience and choose one of the many party options, or give us your ideas and let us realise them. But if you have no idea, we will submit you to a short test and we will try to create your tailor-made party, interpreting your preferences, your hobbies or your passions, and turning everything into the party of your dreams. 
Have a look at our options below, and if you find something inspiring, contact us. 
We offer all our lovely customers a complimentary food tasting, to guarantee the quality of our service and develop together any changes or corrections to the menu.

Private catering options


Imagine this scenario...
A corridor illuminated by tea lights, covered with colourful fragrant petals, which leads to a table set with nectars like Sassicaia (a Prosecco doc is all right, depends on budget) and aphrodisiac foods such as oysters or caviar blinis, while the background fills up on the notes of your song and the fireplace crackles. Not bad, right? 
Or imagine taking her to a location far from the lights of the city, in places where you can watch the lights of the infinite.

The arabesques of the sky offer enchanted spectacles, but you have to "reach them" by the lakes or at the top of the mountains. 
Moreover, the thrill of solitude will light up ancient passions.

Whatever the place you imagine for your tête à tête, we will reach it to set up your table in the most romantic way, and we will prepare for you luxurious menus, with lobster and caviar, the best meats, prestigious champagne and many strawberries with cream for a sparkling finale!