Christmas parties


We are approaching of Christmas holidays ... it is time for lunches, dinners, gifts, fun, sharing ... and most of the "traditions" related to this wonderful time of the year, speak of Cuisine! 
Discover our special Christmas menus, totally customizable according to your needs and dietary requirements

Christmas family dinners

Christmas is our favourite time of year to enjoy with the family, Everyone goes back home to celebrate with their loved ones, where you want the atmosphere to glow
That's what all of us call Christmas spirit ... 
In Italy, from North to South, a carousel of Traditional Recipes typical of each region fills our tables with tasty dishes handed down from generation to generation to cheer our palate and pamper us with the classic Family Feast Flavors!
If then there is a Catering Service, taking care of preparing inviting alternative menus for all Christmas days, delivering them to your home, ready to be put on the table,certainly the Feasts will take on a different flavor made of carefree and deserved rest, to fully enjoy the fun and the pleasure of being together, with family or with friends!
We can also provide the set-up, the table service and organisation of the entire event.
Here our idea of Festive Menus for Christmas Time:

Christmas business parties

It's time to organise the corporate Christmas party
The usual appointment to celebrate with colleagues is very often experienced more as a duty than a pleasure, It can be transformed, if well organised, into a fun and engaging evening, in which consolidate and strengthen the work team. The secret? Don't be bothered: this is why we propose, as an alternative to classic pizza or formal dinner, a theme variation that is inspired by the concept of team building, or all those activities (recreational, experiential or wellness) whose purpose is to increase cohesion within a working group. An opportunity for growth, therefore, but also for conviviality and fun, which can become the fulcrum of your Christmas business party. 
We have designed an exceptional menu for you, where English and Italian traditions mingle in a mix of tastes and aromas. 
Have a look!